Who is Zeke Lau? Age, Height Weight, Girlfriend, Family, Net Worth, Wife, Birthday, High school, Bio, Wiki

Zeke Lau is presently dating Jenna Bleu Forti, and they are not single. This essay will tell you about the love life of this athletic surfer.

Zeke Lau is a professional surfer that has been in the industry for quite some time.

Ezekiel Lau is his full name. He rose to prominence recently after appearing on the show The Ultimate Surfer, where he was praised for being a fierce opponent.

He isn’t just limited as a surfer, and The Ultimate Surfer isn’t his first appearance on a reality show. Continue reading to learn more about his profession and personal life.

Zeke Lau Age, Date of Birth, Birthday, Family, what about his father, mother, where is he from? Early Life

Zeke Lau is a 27-year-old actor. He stands at 6 feet 2 inches tall.

He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on November 23, 1993, and appears to be a family man who inherited his athletic genes from his father. His father was a football player at the University of Hawaii as well.

Zeke Lau Family

Leonard Lau is his father, and he is a high school coach.

He gets along well with both of his parents and considers them to be his role models.

Zeke Lau Net worth, how much did he earn?

Zeke Lau’s net worth is believed to be between $100,000 and $1 million.

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Zeke Lau’s surfing career is his main source of income. His supplementary revenue comes from various sponsorships, being a brand ambassador for several firms, and his social media profiles and YouTube channel.

Zeke Lau Girlfriend, His Relationship, What about Children?

Zeke Lau is currently dating Jenna Bleu Forti, his long-term lover.

Jenna Bleu works as a real estate agent, and Zeke and Jenna have been together for more than eight years. Zeke recently announced on Instagram that they were celebrating their 8-year anniversary on July 31.

Zeke Lau Girlfriend

Jenna and Zeke have both posted pictures of themselves together on social media.

Congratulations to them both on their 8-year partnership and the years ahead.

Zeke Lau Career

The six-foot-two, 200-pound Hawaiian, who has god-sculpted big round breasts that draw attention, qualified for the WCT in 2017 and participated for three seasons before missing the cut for the 2020 season.

It’s no surprise that Zeke wins; pit any WCT surfer against qualifier-level shredders and the gap is obvious.

The other members of the cast, Kai Barger, Austin Clouse, Mason Barnes, Luke Davis, Alejandro Moreda, and Koa Smith, are a combination of beauty and talent, albeit none of them, unlike Zeke, are at CT level.

In 2018, Zeke had a high point on the tour when he drew attention to world champion John John Florence’s soft underbelly, unwillingness to engage in paddle clashes, and other issues.

Zeke had monstered John, gone all up in his grill, and sent the world title into a tailspin, with a face like an Easter Island statue and a physique to match. Florence, when combined, plummeted, then plummeted again as the clock ticked down. It was fascinating and almost horrible to witness, like something out of a David Attenborough documentary, with the exquisite ruminant being savaged by a lion and then having its insides pulled out by a herd of hyenas. The champion appeared hopeless. All the cockiness from the Gold Coast vanished, replaced by a lonely blond-haired boy being scrutinized by an older man on the stairwell who shook his head sadly as the siren sounded.”

The WSL then reinstated a rule prohibiting surfers from “excessively bothering” their opponents.

Zeke responded, “I saw the Zeke Rule.” “Out here, I’m making history. To keep me in check, they’ll have to invent new regulations. Excessive nagging… It’s what I call “just a little love tap,” you know. That’s all there is to it.”

Where he attended his High school and University? What was his major?

As we all know that he is from Malaysia. So, most probably he must have completed his education from his home town. But the exact fact of his education has not been unpublished yet.

Zeke Lau Social Media Reach

Zeke Lau has about 3235 followers on Twitter, which indicates that he has a solid social media follower He has only followed 56 celebrities on Twitter. His Followers can follow him on Twitter. He has Joined Twitter in February 2010.

Moreover, he has 134K followers on Instagram with 1203 post which shows his fan follower on Instagram are huge. In Instagram he has followed 1008 Media Personnel. His Followers can follow him on Instagram.

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At the same time, his followers on his YouTube channel are altogether 12.4K Subscribers and altogether one million people has viewed his videos in YouTube. He has started his YouTube channel on August 29, 2020 His Followers can follow him on YouTube.

Zeke has a Facebook account too in which he has 2135 people has followed him. He has a solid fan follower in all his social media account.

By looking into his social media mostly he uses and always wants to interact with his fans. All the fans also admire him very closely and loves him a lot.

Zeke Lau FAQ’S

Who is Zeke Lau?

Zeke Lau is a professional surfer that has been in the industry for quite some time. Ezekiel Lau is his full name. He rose to prominence recently after appearing on the show The Ultimate Surfer, where he was praised for being a fierce opponent.

How old is Zeke Lau?

Currently, he is 27 years old. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on November 23, 1993.

Who is Zeke Lau girlfriend?

Currently, Zeke Lau is dating his long-term girlfriend, Jenna Bleu Forti. Jenna Bleu is a real estate agent, and Zeke and Jenna have been in their relationship for over 8 years. Recently, on July 31, in an Instagram post, Zeke said that they were celebrating their 8 years anniversary.

Does Zeke Lau use social media?                  

Yes, he uses social media. He is on the Twitter, Instagram Facebook and YouTube. He has a huge social media follower and he has almost million of subscribers on his YouTube channel.

What did Zeke Lau father’s do?

His father was also a footballer who played at the University of Hawaii. His father is a high school coach, and his name is Leonard Lau.

Zeke Lau’s Body Appearance Height, Weight

Height   In Feet: 6 feet 2 inch In CM: 187cm In Meter: 1.87m
WeightIn KG: 86kg In Pound: 190lbs
Eye ColorBrown
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

Interesting facts about Zeke Lau which you should know

Zodiac SignSagittarius
Net Worth $1 million
Single/ In a relationship In Relation
Current Girlfriend/ SpouseJenna Bleu Forti

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