Quadir Jackson aka “Xeyoa’ The Young Super Star from Philadelphia, Age, Wiki

If you haven’t heard of Xeyoa, then you should probably wake up because your sleeping under a rock. Xeyoa hoists over 500,000 followers combined on his platforms.

You then might find yourself asking the question of who is Xeyoa?

Quadir Jackson aka as Xeyoa, is a well-reputed artist that has quickly risen to fame within the music industry.

Xeyoa is quickly gaining notoriety in the music scene. He’s most definitely a name worth knowing in the music business and industry with his large social media presence. 

He has garnered thousands of monthly listeners on the music platform Spotify for his elegantly rhythmic sound and unforgettable beats. His hit single “Endorphin” is easily one of his most popular and most recognized songs out of his elite repertoire of music.

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The single has also amassed multiple thousands of streams on Spotify as well.  The artist takes pride in his meticulous detail in making his songs and beats to make sure that every beat is crisp and that every lyric flows with the sound of the song. He emphasizes that he wants his music to inspire and evoke a certain emotion out of his listeners.

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