What Happened To Vsevolod Bobrov Ship? Another Russian Navy Ship Catches Fire

Vsevolod Bobrov Ship is a Russian brand new auxiliary and naval support ship. It was named to celebrate the contribution of the ice hockey players and football players.

Bobrov Ship has the responsibilities like:- assisting Russian Navy task units for long-term deployments at sea, Cargo Transfer, hydrographic research, seabed mapping, surface & underwater search & rescue operations, and many more.

What Happened To Vsevolod Bobrov Ship?

According to a report, a Russian ship was cruising in the Black sea towards Sanke Island, when the Ukrainian forces attacked the ship. The Russian ship caught fire and requires major repairs.

Since the start of a full-scale war between Ukraine and Russia. Ukrainian forces have reportedly attacked and destroyed the several warships of Russia, according to multiple media reports.

Vsevolod Bobrov Ship measurement and its capacity

Bobrov Ship is measured as 95 meters long, 22 meters wide, and nine meters deep and displaces 10,000 tons when fully loaded. The interior has enough for 27 regular crew members and 43 additional workers. 

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Did Vsevolod Bobrov Sink?

After the attack by the Ukrainian forces, the Vsevolod ship caught fire in the sea. It requires major repairs but it did not sink. The crew members were also evacuated on time and it is now being towed back to the Russian Black Sea Navy base.

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