Tyler Marcum was arrested after killing a 3-year-old-kid with vehicle

Tyler Marcum was arrested after allegedly driving under the influence and crashing with a vehicle, killing a 3-year-old kid and injuring another.

A toddler was killed in a car accident caused by a suspected drunk driver.

Over the weekend, a suspected drunk driver was involved in an accident in Arizona that resulted in the death of a little kid. Around 7 o’clock on November 6 in the Avra Valley region, an accident was attended by officers, according to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department.

 A Hyundai Sonata collided with a Nissan Altima that was making a left turn at an intersection, resulting in the accident. According to the police, the Nissan was carrying three passengers, two of them youngsters. A 3-year-old kid suffered injuries that may have been fatal.

He was brought to a local hospital, where he subsequently passed away. It’s anticipated that the other youngster will live. According to the sheriff’s office, both kids were safely restrained. According to the authorities, Tyler Marcum, 22, was the Hyundai’s driver.

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After displaying indications of impairment, he was detained on suspicion of severe violence and DUI. According to the sheriff’s office, the crash is still being looked into.

Early Life

Tyler Marcum holds an American Citizen and he belongs to the white ethnic group.

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