The SOTY Family Members and Net worth

The SOTY family got their fame from their family YouTube channel named Shot Of The Yeagers. The eight members of the Utah-based YouTube family Shot of the Yeagers are Steve, Jamie, Stephen, Taylor, Payton, Jordyn, Parker, and Blake.

They have established a reputation for being a prominent member of the online family. In August 2015, The Soty family’s YouTube account was launched. By 2023, the channel had 6.6M subscribers and 2,232 uploads. They have videos on their channel, including vlogs, challenges, Q&As, and more.  The platform’s uploads by The Yeargers have generated a total of 4.6 billion views. With 40 million views, “The Grinch Stole Our Christmas” is their most popular video.

The Yeager family’s children also have a dedicated channel where they share videos of a similar nature as well as gaming stuff. They are regarded as well-known young  YouTubers and have been in the spotlight for more than seven years.

Their YouTube channel is as follows:

SOTY Family

Just 4 Girls

SOTY gaming

Stephen Yeager 

How much net worth does The SOTY family have?

According to Naibuzz, The SOTY Family net worth is pegged at about $11 million. The family’s YouTube channel is the main source of earnings. 

Shot of the Yeagers is their main channel, and they also have several separate accounts with names like Stephen Yeager, Taylor Kaylynn, Just 4 Girls, and SOTY Gaming. They have gained popularity and money thanks to these accounts.

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They make between $138K and $220.2K per month and between $165.2K and $2.6M per year from their main channel, according to Social Blade. In accordance with the number of total views, their yearly profits from Stephen Yeager are predicted to range from $1.4K to $22K.

Meet the family members of The SOTY family

There are eight members in the Yeager family. The parents Steve Yeager and Jamie Yeager with their six adorable children make up the Yeager family.

The SOTY Family Members

Steve Yeager and Jamie Yeager are the head of the family, respectively. Similarly, Stephen Yeager, Taylor Yeager, Payton Yeager, Jordyn Yeager, Parker Yeager, and Blake Yeager are the children of the Yeagers. 

Steve Yeager is the Father of the Yeager family

 Steve was born on January 27, 1981, and he is currently 42 years old. He has been a full-time YouTuber since 2015 while also assisting his wife with the care of their children. He held various positions in a number of insurance companies before starting his Internet career. Steve started working at Edward Jones as a Financial Advisor in November 2010, according to his LinkedIn profile. He became a Property and Casualty Specialist for the renowned insurance company MetLife a year later.

Steve Yeager

He resigned from his position at MetLife and joined Nationwide Insurance as a Sr. Sales & Service Advocate in order to further his professional expertise. Later, he worked for E-Trade Financial Corporation as an Associate Financial Representative. Before starting his YouTube journey, Steve worked as a Farm Bureau representative.

Jamie Yeager is the wife of Steve Yeager

Steve Yeager’s wife  Jamie, who was born in 1985, is currently 37 years old. On July 24, the matriarch of the family celebrates her birthday.

Jamie Yeager

Her participation on her family’s YouTube channel in 2015 was where she initially gained notoriety. Jamie is also well-recognized for creating adorable stickers, which she sells in her Etsy store.

You can find her on Instagram as @shot_of_the_yeagers.

Stephen Yeager is the elder son of the Yeager family

Stephen Yeager, the couple’s firstborn, turns 16 on June 22 and is the only son of Jamie and Steve among their six children. When the young boy first made an appearance on YouTube with his family, he was nine years old. His own channel, with the same name, has 1.84 subscribers, 606 videos, and 3.8 million total views.

Stephen Yeager

His account was set up on the video-sharing website in September 2017. The channel offers a wide variety of entertainment, including challenges, practical jokes, and more. The family’s oldest child, a junior in school, started his 11th grade in August 2022.

Taylor Yeager is the eldest among the Yeager sisters

Taylor was the first daughter and the second child of her parents when she was born on May 1, 2008. Bloxburg, Roblox, and Brookhaven are among Taylor’s favorite video games to play. She’s in her ninth grade right now.

Taylor Yeager

Her parents bought her a brand-new automobile as a surprise for her 15th birthday. They posted the response video to their YouTube page with the caption, “We Surprise Our 15-Year-Old Daughter With A Car.”

Payton Yeager is the teen daughter of the Yeagers

Payton, who was born in the year 2010 and is now 13 years old, celebrates her birthday on April 26. 

When she and her family first appeared on the channel, she was five years old. She made an appearance in the 2017 video “It’s Stuck! Just How Did She Do That? In the video, Payton’s parents suggested cutting the tangled area of her hair because there was no other choice.

Payton Yeager

She runs a channel called Just 4 Girls with her sisters. Her seventh-grade year began in August 2022. In videos like “Payton Faces Her Fears,” “Birthday Jealousy,” and “Is Payton Shrinking!,” Payton has appeared. The taller person.

Jordyn Yeager is the third daughter of the Yeager family

Jordyn was born in 2011 and is now 11 years old. Her birthday is on December 11th. Her parents started the channel when she was three years old. Due to their similar facial features, Jordyn has frequently been mistaken for Payton’s twin.  When their channel’s video titles claimed that they were twins, the viewers’ confusion grew. Actually, they are a year apart from one another.

Jordyn Yeager

She decided to get baptized when she was eight years old. Their main channel now features the special day’s video.

Parker Yeager is the second youngest child of the Yeagers

Parker was born in the year 2015, and she is currently eight years old. She turns eight years old on February 8.

Parker Yeager

Parker made the same decision to get baptized at the age of eight as her sister Jordyn did. The footage of her big day was uploaded in March 2023. She has appeared in a lot of videos, including “Parker’s Bedtime Routine,” “Parker’s In Charge,” “Parker’s 3rd Birthday,” and others.

Blake Yeager is the youngest of the Yeager siblings

Blake was born in 2017, making her five years old at the moment. Every year on  September 22, she celebrates her birthday.

Blake Yeager

Her birth had been chronicled by her parents in a number of films and vlogs. Among the videos in which Blake has appeared is “Who Does Baby Blake Love More?” “Baby Blake’s Day Out,” among other things.

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