Inside Stephanie Izard’s Married Life with Husband Gary Valentine Including Her Net worth

Stephanie Izard, a celebrated American chef and television personality, rose to fame as the winner of Bravo’s Chef competition. With her exceptional culinary skills, she claimed the title of Bravo’s top chef during the show’s fourth season.

At the young age of 27, Stephanie co-founded Scylla, a now-closed restaurant, where she served as a chef-owner. Presently, she holds the position of executive chef and co-owner of three highly acclaimed eateries in Chicago: Girl and the Goat, Little Goat, and Duck Duck Goat. Her outstanding contributions at Girl and the Goat earned her a James Beard Foundation Award for “Best Chef: Great Lakes” in 2013.

Stephanie has made subsequent appearances on Top Chef, participating as both a contestant in Top Chef Duels and a guest judge in later seasons. In 2017, she showcased her culinary prowess on the Food Network competition Iron Chef Gauntlet, ultimately defeating Masaharu Morimoto, Michael Symon, and Bobby Flay to claim the prestigious title of Iron Chef.

Although Stephanie Izard was raised in Stamford, Connecticut, she was born in Evanston, Illinois, a neighborhood of Chicago, where her parents nurtured her passion for cooking. After graduating with a sociology degree from the University of Michigan in 1998, she pursued her culinary education at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Scottsdale, graduating in 1999.

Stephanie Izard Net Worth is more than you thought

Stephanie Izard is a renowned American chef, known for her exceptional culinary skills and impressive entrepreneurial ventures. As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, a testament to her hard work, talent, and business acumen.

Stephanie’s success in the culinary industry has been the primary driver of her wealth. She has gained widespread recognition and critical acclaim for her innovative approach to cooking, which has helped her establish multiple successful restaurants in Chicago. These restaurants, including the famous “Girl & the Goat” and “Little Goat Diner,” have been highly praised for their unique menus, exceptional service, and welcoming atmosphere.

Moreover, Stephanie’s reputation as a chef has also enabled her to secure lucrative sponsorship deals, media appearances, and book deals, further boosting her earnings.

While it is difficult to estimate Stephanie’s exact earnings, we can compare her income to the average salary of chefs in the United States, as reported by Glassdoor. According to the website, the typical salary of a chef in the United States is around $50,294 per year, including an annual base salary of $46,430 and additional pay of around $3,864.

Stephanie Izard’s husband is married to Gary Valentine

Izard and her husband, Gary Valentine, a craft beer consultant, whom she wed on October 6, 2013, currently reside in Los Angeles with their son, Ernie (born in 2016), and other family members.

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Meet the Husband of Stephanie Izard Gary Valentine, A Consultant For Craft Beer

According to his Linkedin Profile, Gary Valentine was employed as a beverage manager at Stephanie Izard Inc. in Chicago, overseeing the beer selections at various eateries such as Girl and the Goat, Little Goat Diner, Duck Duck Goat, This Little Goat Taqueria, and Cabra. During his tenure from January 2012 to January 2019, he effectively managed the beer program’s budget and provided training to over 250 colleagues.

From March 2013 to February 2020, Gary worked as a production associate at the Zac Brown Collective in Nashville.

Starting in January 2014 and continuing until February 2022, Gary held a position as an instructor at the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago. As an instructor, he wrote and taught various courses on the business and types of beer at the oldest technical brewing school in the United States.

Between January 2016 and November 2018, Gary served as an event manager at the Fulton Market Harvest Festival in Chicago. In this capacity, he was responsible for creating purchasing and floor layouts. He also managed data collection for inventory and equipment needs, as well as recruitment and training of food and beverage staff within the human resources department.

Gary also developed beverage pairing concepts for all menus of ticketed dining events, implemented strategies to enhance performance while reducing operational costs, and formulated action plans to maintain product freshness and consistent inventory levels.

Since March 2013, Gary has been working as an Event Brand Ambassador in Illinois, and he continues in this role to the present day. His responsibilities include planning, organizing, staffing, and representing various food and beverage brands at events nationwide. He collaborates with suppliers, purchasers, and event teams from numerous hotels, stadiums, and conference venues to create unique experiences that showcase brands at events attended by 50 to 30,000 guests.

Stephanie and Gary got married in 2013

Stephanie and Gary became husband and wife on October 6, 2013, as they exchanged their vows. Their wedding ceremony took place in Chicago, with their closest friends and relatives in attendance.

The Bridgeport Art Center hosted the wedding reception, which was attended by notable figures from the culinary world, including Chris Pandel, Lee Ann Wong, Giuseppe Tentori, and Mathew Rice.

The wedding celebration featured a delightful assortment of food and beverages. As the main dish, guests were served family-style beef short ribs cooked with red wine, accompanied by grilled fennel, tomato sauce, and roasted blackfish.

Stephanie Izard Married to her Husband Gary Valentine

Chef Chris Pandel, responsible for the event’s culinary creations, also crafted a delectable pasta course. In addition, guests had a range of culinary choices to enjoy, such as smoked eggplant, balsamic vinegar pearls, roasted golden beets, and rosemary potato gratin, among others.

To sweeten the occasion, Mathew Rice, a pastry chef at Izard’s restaurant Girl & The Goat, specially crafted the wedding cake for Stephanie and Gary.

Gary made a very heartwarming wedding proposal to Stephanie on their first date spot

Following over a year of being engaged, the couple finally tied the knot. It all started when Gary knelt down on one knee at Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park, Chicago, where they had shared their memorable first date.

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Back in 2011, mutual friends brought Izard and Valentine together. Their connection was instant, and shortly after meeting, they embarked on a romantic journey together.

Stephanie Izard and Gary Valentine gave birth to their only son in 2016

On May 26, 2016, Stephanie Izard gave birth to a baby named Ernie Williams Valentine. The infant, who weighed 8 pounds and one ounce and was about 21 inches long, was born at 6:29 in the morning.

Stephanie Izard Husband and Son

Despite his young age, Ernie, who will turn 7 in May 2023, is already a household name online. His parents frequently include him in their Instagram photos, and the couple’s fans adore him. 

Gary’s Instagram shows that Ernie is already a baseball aficionado and frequently plays with his dad. Likely in 2022, he also participated in South Pasadena Little League. 

Gary and Stephanie live happily as a family

The Izard-Valentine family lives halfway between Chicago, Illinois, and Los Angeles, California. 

Gary travels frequently to Chicago for work even though he resides in Los Angeles. Izard divides her time between Chicago and Los Angeles because both of her restaurants are there. 

The couple has a son named Ernie as well as a pet dog named Burt. Burt has looked out for Ernie since he was a young child, protecting him as an older brother might.

The Valentine-Izard couple is often seen posting on their Instagram

Stephanie Izard is on Instagram as @stephanieizard with a verified account. She is often seen updating her feed. 

Gary is on Instagram as @gvalentine

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