How much is Satchel Clendenin Net worth? and When is his Birthday?

Satchel Clendenin, a renowned actor, has gained fame through his notable performances in several films. One of his prominent roles was in the film “A Bridge Between Us,” released in 2023, where he captivated audiences with his remarkable acting skills. Another noteworthy appearance was in the film “Scott,” a short film released in the same year. In 2022, Clendenin showcased his talent in the short film “Buried,” and prior to that, he portrayed the character Finn in “The Sequence of an Adolescent Revenge,” a short film released in 2020.

Born on March 26, 1997, in Bethesda, Maryland, United States, Satchel Clendenin possesses a diverse range of talents. Apart from being an actor, he is also an accomplished artist and a former hockey player. In his early years, Clendenin excelled in his athletic pursuits and emerged as one of the top athletes in his chosen sport, earning recognition in the big leagues.

However, despite his success as a hockey player, Clendenin made the decision to pursue an acting career and relocated to Los Angeles, leaving behind his hometown. Since then, he has made significant contributions to the world of acting, starring in films such as “Buried,” “A Bridge Between Us,” and “The Sequence of an Adolescent Revenge.”

Satchel Clendenin drew inspiration from the legendary baseball player Satchel Paige, who shares the same first name. Growing up in Los Angeles, Clendenin not only explored acting but also engaged in theater work and made appearances in music videos. There are even reports suggesting that he had worked in a restaurant at some point, showcasing his diverse professional experiences.

Satchel Clendenin’s hockey career

Satchel, a talented hockey player, made his debut in 2013 and concluded his career in 2018. During his time in junior hockey, he excelled as a forward and contributed to numerous victories. In the 2017-18 season of the NAHL, Satchel competed for the Aberdeen Wings in the regular season and advanced to the championship game, showcasing his skills and determination.

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Prior to that, in the 2013-2014 season, he played for teams like TPH Thunder 16u AAA and Kent School. Satchel continued his hockey journey by joining the Springfield Rifles 18U AAA for the 2014-2015 season. He returned to Kent School and Springfield Rifles 18U AAA for the 2015-16 season, displaying his commitment to the sport. In the following season, 2016-17, Satchel joined the Langley Rivermen, further expanding his hockey experience.

After retiring from hockey, Satchel redirected his passion toward his newfound interest in the arts, striving to establish himself as an artist. Despite being relatively new to this field, he has already achieved some noteworthy successes.

His Career in Acting

In acting, Satchel has worked on various short films, including “The Sequence of an Adolescent Revenge,” “Buried,” and “A Bridge Between Us.” Although he has yet to make a breakthrough in Hollywood with major motion pictures, he remains determined and optimistic about his future in the industry.

The Sequence of an Adolescent Revenge,” a short film co-created by Clendenin and Oliver Ruta, has garnered a fair amount of recognition. This 15-minute film revolves around a group of four teenagers seeking revenge after one of their friends gets fired from a part-time job.

Currently, Satchel is involved in a project called “Remy and Arletta,” which is still in production and does not have a set release date. This upcoming endeavor presents another opportunity for the young actor to showcase his talent.

In addition to his work in short films, Satchel has also ventured into theater performances, music videos, and other forms of media, demonstrating his versatility and dedication to his craft.

Throughout his acting career, Satchel has consistently exhibited versatility. From his debut performance in a 2020 short film, he has portrayed a range of characters, including teenagers, wrestlers, and romantic figures, showcasing his ability to adapt to different roles and genres.

Satchel Clendenin Net worth of 2023 

Satchel Clendenin has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Through his professional athletic and acting careers, the actor amassed money. The budding artist is totally committed to his acting career. In 2018, he took an early retirement from hockey and since then has worked to become a successful actor. 

He has three short films to his credit, one of which is now in post-production. He enjoys both catching the moments on camera and editing them afterward.

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According to US News, the greatest salary an American actor may get is $60,000, and the lowest salary someone can receive is $30,000, which is a respectable sum of money for a budding actor.

In addition, the junior hockey player made between $14,00 to $80,000 a year playing for some of the top American leagues. Junior hockey players make an average of $44,857 per year.

Satchel Clendenin is dating Katie Maloney

Satchel Clendenin is dating Katie Maloney a fellow actress who is quite older than him.  Clendenin, Katie Maloney’s boyfriend, is 26 years old. Katie and Satchel are 10 years apart in age.

Due to their fascinating age gap, people are guessing about their relationships. Following Katie’s divorce from her ex-husband Tom Schwartz, the two began dating.

Satchel Clendenin is Dating Katie Maloney

The Vanderpump Rules participant admitted during an interview with Bravo TV that she enjoys spending time with the young actors she hangs out with. She continued by saying that he supports her and listens to her.

Their age difference has drawn criticism from many individuals. Even so, Satchel seems to be making his own decisions and generally enjoying each other’s company, according to Katie and Stacey.

Some of Katie’s supporters are delighted for her since they believe that Tom, her ex-husband, treated her in an immature and inappropriate manner.

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