Primark Fight of Birmingham Video On Twitter And Reddit, Watch here

A black and a white girl got into a fight in the now-viral footage from Birmingham‘s Primark mall. However, a white girl urinated inside of her dress, which was captured on camera. Consequently, the Primark Fight video is currently receiving.

Watch the Twitter Viral Leaked Primark Fight

A video of a white woman peeing herself during a dispute with a black woman from the Birmingham Primark Mall is going viral on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media sites. The viral video appears to show that the altercation took place inside a Birmingham Primark mall store because there was apparel all over the place.

White ladies are shown being overpowered by black women as the black woman tries to strike her in the face, causing the white woman to collapse to the ground. As the camera moves in closer, people can see the white woman’s feces spilling all over the ground.

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The white woman is exposed as the video goes on because her skirt abruptly rose, exposing her private area. The white woman’s apparent lack of underpants has allowed others to clearly see her feces all over her body and in prominent places. This film is being shared on social media by users from all over the world, making it a global phenomenon. However, none of the two women in the popular video is well recognized. On camera, people can be heard opining about the circumstances leading up to a white woman peeing herself.

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Some believe the incident may have upset her stomach, while others believe she was physically abused. The actual reason for the altercation is still unknown.

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