Meet Oliver Curtis Wife and Children, Did They Split Up?

Oliver Curtis is a well-known Businessman based in Australia. He is getting ready to start a new company and make it available for trading on the ASX in 2022. However, five years ago, he was found guilty of plotting to engage in insider trading.

To focus on his new business endeavors, he and his wife, Roxy Jacenko, decided to end their joint public relations agency. Curtis is an investment banker and married Roxy in 2012.

Oliver Curtis is a native of Australia

Oliver Curtis is a proud native of Australia, having been born and raised in the country. His upbringing was shaped by his close-knit family, which includes his mother, Angela Curtis, and his father, Nick Curtis.

Growing up, Oliver had the joy of sharing his childhood experiences with his beloved sister, Sophie Curtis.

He was CEO of Firmus Grid

During his tenure as the chief operating officer at Firmus Grid, Oliver Curtis has achieved remarkable success and accumulated a substantial fortune. Interestingly, his father, Nick Curtis, holds a prominent position within the same company as the chairman, which has fostered a collaborative environment for their joint aspirations. Together, they are dedicated to transforming their company into something truly exceptional within the Australian stock market.

To fuel their ambitious plans, Oliver and Nick have spearheaded efforts to raise significant funds for their mining enterprise, amassing an impressive sum of approximately $50 million. The purpose behind this substantial capitalization is to prepare the company for listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), a significant milestone in the company’s growth trajectory.

Roxy and Oliver got married in 2012

Roxy and Oliver got married in 2012. Their wedding took place on March 11th and it was a grand celebration. They spent over $250,000 on the wedding, making it very expensive. They flew in from Los Angeles and had the wedding at the fancy Quay restaurant. The bride chose specific colors for the wedding, which were used to make a new carpet for the venue.

Oliver Curtis Wife Roxy Jacenko

As a wedding gift, the bride received a Ferrari. Around 120 people attended the party, making it a very special event. The menu included delicious dishes like kingfish sashimi, high-quality beef, and roasted mulloway. For dessert, they had a wedding cake with seven different textures of chocolate and coconut cream.

The groom’s father, Nick Curtis, who is a wealthy person in the mining industry, called the bride Jacenko a “force of nature.”

They share two children together

Roxy Jacenko and Oliver Curtis are proud parents of two children. Their daughter’s name is Pixie Curtis, and their son is named Hunter Curtis.

Oliver Curtis Family

Roxy feels immense joy in having brought these wonderful children into the world. She believes that it is her responsibility and choice to ensure they have a better life. Roxy has expressed her willingness to prioritize her children’s well-being above her own happiness. She has also shared that she has always shown strength for the sake of her daughter, Pixie.

Oliver Curtis and Roxy Jacenko’s daughter owns a toy company

Pixie Curtis, who is now 11 years old, is the daughter of Roxy Jacenko. She has achieved remarkable wealth at such a young age by selling toys. Her company was initially named differently but changed to Pixie’s Fidgets in March 2021. Roxy, her mother, has been instrumental in helping her establish and promote the business that bears her name.

Interestingly, Roxy herself started a hair accessory company when Pixie was just two years old. Pixie’s toy company has experienced tremendous success. Within a short span of 48 hours, the toys sold out completely.

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In its first month of operation, the company earned 200,000 Australian Dollars. Pixie has accumulated a substantial amount of money, to the point where her mother, Roxy, has mentioned the possibility of her retiring at the age of fifteen.

Pixie Curtis is also active on Instagram, where she has gained a significant following. She currently has 136K followers on her profile.

Oliver Curtis and Roxy Jacenko’s son owns HPC, a streetwear and accessories for children company.

Hunter Curtis is the name of Roxy Jacenko’s second child. Roxy has already started a company specifically for her son. It is called HPC and offers a range of streetwear and accessories designed for children. Initially, they considered including bow ties in their collection but decided against it.

Instead, they opted for hats because that’s what Hunter wanted. Hunter himself has been involved in selecting the first batch of summer-friendly items, which include trucker hats and bucket hats. They also have plans to add denim coats and socks to their product range.

Hunter is active on Instagram, where he has a following of 20K followers. Roxy Jacenko manages his official page on Instagram.

Oliver Curtis and Roxy Jacenko almost got divorced.

Roxy Jacenko, who is 43 years old, has recently clarified that she and Oliver have not separated. She has also revealed that she has made the decision to relocate to Singapore. However, on Tuesday, she openly acknowledged that divorce is indeed a possibility for them.

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Roxy can’t say “NO” to her children

Roxy Jacenko has attributed her tendency to spoil her children with extravagant gifts to her long-distance relationship with Oliver. She expressed that she finds it challenging to say “no” to her kids when Oliver is not present.

Oliver Curtis Children

She believes that the physical distance between them contributes to her indulgence towards their desires.

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