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Nostradamus studied medicine and worked as a physician in France and Italy, helping plague victims. He is said to have experienced a psychic awakening.

He began to practice the occult and make prophecies of the future, which he published in The Prophecies. Many people believe his prophecies have come true or will come true in the future.

Death cause of Physician Nostradamus

Nostradamus’ gout, which had been bothering him for years and making mobility difficult, had evolved into edema by 1566. He summoned his lawyer in late June to draft a comprehensive will bequeathing his property, plus 3,444 crowns (about US$300,000 today), to his wife pending her remarriage, in trust for her sons pending their twenty-fifth birthdays and her daughters pending their marriages, minus a few debts. After that, there came a much shorter codicil.

“You will not find me alive in the morning,” he allegedly informed his assistant Jean de Chavigny on the evening of July 1. ” The next morning he was reportedly found dead, lying on the floor next to his bed and a bench. He was buried in the local Franciscan chapel in Salon (part of it now incorporated into the restaurant La Brocherie) but re-interred during the French Revolution in the Collégiale Saint-Laurent, where his tomb remains to this day.

Nostradamus Age, Family, and Early Life

Michel de Nostradame was born in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, in the south of France, on December 14 or 21, 1503. His Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius. He holds French Nationality. His Ethnicity is not known.

nostradamus family

His family was Jewish by birth, but they converted to Catholicism during a period of religious intolerance (a refusal to allow individuals with different faiths to live freely) and bigotry (hostility aimed at a person or group of people based on their beliefs, looks, or habits).

Both of his grandfathers were scholars, and they taught Nostradamus while he was a child. One of the grandfathers was a doctor. He was taught classical languages by the other.

Nostradamus’s Career, What was his profession?

Nostradamus left his home at the age of fourteen to study in Avignon, France, a significant ecclesiastical (church-related) and scholarly city. He frequently expressed dissent (disagreement) with the Catholic priests’ teachings in class. Later in life, Nostradamus studied medicine and astrology at the University of Montpellier. At the time, it was common to study both. After graduating in 1522, he adopted the moniker Nostradamus, which is a Latinized version of his name.

It was a typical practice among university graduates to do so. Nostradamus spent the first few years of his medical profession traveling in France. The bubonic plague had decimated many cities and villages (a widespread destructive disease). Because of the black lesions, it left on its victim’s body, it was dubbed “Le Charbon” (“coal” or “carbon”). There was no remedy for the epidemic (a sickness that affects a significant number of individuals or regions).

Doctors frequently “bled” (let blood out) their patients in the hopes of eradicating the sickness. They had no idea how to prevent future infection or how unsanitary conditions contributed to the spread of the disease.

For the sick, Nostradamus recommended fresh air and water. He also suggested eating a low-fat diet and using clean bedding. He frequently prescribed a rosehip-based herbal treatment, which was later shown to be high in vitamin C. Under his care, entire towns recovered. Herbal medicines were widely used at the time, according to Nostradamus. His views on infection management, on the other hand, were diametrically opposed to those of his period. Such thoughts may have led to charges of heresy (dissenting from church teachings) and a death sentence.

Which school and college did he go to?

Nostradame enrolled in the University of Avignon to study medicine when he was 14 years old. However, due to a bubonic plague outbreak, he was compelled to leave after only one year. During this time, he went across the countryside, researching herbal medicines and working as an apothecary, according to his own story. He enrolled at the University of Montpelier in 1522 to pursue his degree in medicine.

He was occasionally dissatisfied with Catholic priests’ teachings, which disregarded his astrological beliefs. According to some stories, university officials discovered his former experience as an apothecary and used this as a cause to expel him. Evidently, everyone engaging in what was termed a “manual trade” was frowned upon by the institution.

He was not expelled, according to most reports, and earned a license to practice medicine in 1525. He Latinized his name from Nostradame to Nostradamus at this time, as many medieval intellectuals did.

Nostradamus Wife, What about his Relationship?

In 1547, he returned to his birthplace of Salon-de-Province and married Anne Ponsarde, a wealthy widow. They had six children together, three boys and three girls.

Physical Appearance of Nostradamus’s  Height, Weight

HeightNot Available
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorNot Available
WeightNot Available
Body typeFit
Sexual orientationStraight

Interesting facts about Nostradamus’s should be known

EthnicityNot Available
Zodiac signSagittarius
Relationship StatusMarried

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