Inside Michael Chernus Married Life with Wife Emily Simoness

Michael Louis Chernus is an accomplished American actor who has left an indelible mark in the realms of film, television, and stage. With a diverse range of roles under his belt, he has established himself as a versatile and talented performer. However, it is his portrayal of Cal Chapman in the widely acclaimed Netflix original comedy-drama series, Orange Is the New Black, that has catapulted Chernus into the spotlight, earning him widespread recognition and acclaim.

In addition to his noteworthy television work, Chernus has also made a notable contribution to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He brought the character of Phineas Mason, also known as the Tinkerer, to life in the highly successful film Spider-Man: Homecoming. Released on July 7, 2017, this superhero extravaganza showcased Chernus’ acting prowess and solidified his presence in the blockbuster landscape.

Michael Chernus and Emily Simoness married in 2015

Michael Chernus and Emily Simoness exchanged vows and became husband and wife on September 26, 2015. However, their journey towards matrimony began years earlier in 2013 when fate brought them together.

Michael Chernus Wife and Children

Prior to meeting Michael Chernus, Emily Simoness had experienced a difficult breakup, as revealed in an article in American Theatre. Little did she know that her life was about to take a wonderful turn.

They have a daughter together.

June Louise Chernus is the beautiful and cherished daughter born to Michael Chernus and Emily Simoness. The loving couple has delighted in the joys of parenthood as they raise their precious little one.

Overwhelmed with love and pride, they have often taken to their Instagram accounts to share glimpses of their darling daughter’s life, capturing and cherishing precious moments in a collection of heartfelt photographs. Michael announced her birth with a quote:

June Louise Chernus
Born 4/6/23

She arrived with the full Pink Moon, a few days after her due date, fashionably late like any good New Yorker knows to do.

She holds our hearts in the palm of her hand.

We love her so.

Emily labored heroically and endured more than I ever could have. She summoned ancient reserves of power and strength and wisdom. I stand in awe, humbled and grateful.

Murray has been a patient, watchful, compassionate, and concerned big brother. 10/10 good boy.

We are a happy family.

Emily also announced her birth through her Instagram account with a caption:

June Louise Chernus made her debut a week ago today (4.6.23) alongside the Pink Moon. She brought the forsythia and the spring and our unbridled awe and love.

They met at the farm SPACE

It was during a fortuitous gathering at the farm SPACE, on the auspicious occasion of playwright Anna Kerrigan’s birthday, that Michael and Emily were introduced. Though their initial meeting was marked by an unusual silence, Michael was immediately captivated by Emily’s beauty and intelligence.

Michael Chernus First Meet

He was profoundly moved by the creative work she had accomplished during her residency. The connection between them grew stronger, and they embarked on a delightful brunch that set the stage for their blossoming relationship.

Michael Chernus’s wife Emily Simoness Actress to farm entrepreneur

Emily’s journey in the arts began in 2007 as a New York-based actress. However, her life took an unexpected turn when she encountered an opportunity to visit a farm. Seizing the moment, she ventured inside and was captivated by the experience of feeding the artist within her. This encounter would prove to be a pivotal moment in Emily’s life, leading her toward a new path filled with purpose and creativity.

Today, Emily oversees an impressive team of ten individuals, all of whom she has personally hired, as part of her management of a thriving enterprise. With a generous operational budget of $550,000, she has cultivated a flourishing community of 1,000 people on her property. The farm, known as SPACE, stands as a beacon of sustainable and organic farming practices, producing an abundance of fresh produce for both local markets and dining establishments.

Emily Simoness was honored with Lucille Lortel Visionary Award

Emily Simoness, a remarkable entrepreneur and visionary, holds the distinction of being the first Kenan Arts Research Fellow at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Her outstanding contributions to the field of theatre and arts have not gone unnoticed, as she was honored with the prestigious Lucille Lortel Visionary Award by the esteemed League of Professional Theatre Women.

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Emily’s passion and commitment to her craft have propelled her onto renowned platforms, such as TEDx Broadway, where she delivered an inspiring talk titled “Following Your Life’s Path, Not Your Life’s Plan” in 2015.

Michael Chernus graduated from the Drama Division of the Juilliard School

Michael Chernus honed his craft and received a formal education in the dramatic arts from the esteemed Drama Division of the Juilliard School. This rigorous training provided him with a solid foundation and equipped him with the necessary skills to excel in his career.

Throughout his theatrical journey, Chernus has graced the stages of renowned New York theaters, showcasing his exceptional talent and versatility. One notable production in which he appeared was Close Up Space, a compelling play produced by the Manhattan Theater Club. Sharing the stage with the esteemed David Hyde Pierce, Chernus captivated audiences with his performance, further establishing his reputation as a formidable stage actor.

In addition to his involvement with the Manhattan Theater Club, Chernus has lent his talents to various other esteemed theater institutions in New York. His notable appearances include productions at Playwrights Horizons, the Roundabout Theatre Company, Primary Stages, New York Theatre Workshop, The Atlantic Theater Company, and several noteworthy productions at the Rattlestick Playwrights Theater.

He won OBIE Award

In 2011, Michael Chernus received well-deserved recognition for his exceptional talent and performance in Lisa Kron’s acclaimed play, In the Wake. His portrayal garnered him an OBIE Award, which is a prestigious honor that celebrates Off-Broadway excellence. Additionally, Chernus was nominated for a Lucille Lortel Award, further solidifying his status as a remarkable actor within the theater community.

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In Lisa Kron’s thought-provoking play, Chernus demonstrated his remarkable acting prowess, captivating audiences with his nuanced portrayal of a complex character. His ability to bring depth and authenticity to the role not only earned him critical acclaim but also showcased his dedication to his craft and his ability to immerse himself in the world of the play.

He has an impressive Net Worth

According to our research team, With an illustrious career in the entertainment industry, Michael Chernus, a highly talented and accomplished actor, has amassed a considerable net worth of $16 million. Through his exceptional performances and dedication to his craft, Chernus has established himself as a prominent figure in the world of acting, earning both critical acclaim and financial success.

In addition to Michael Chernus’s successful career as an actor, his wife has also achieved financial success through her endeavors as a farm entrepreneur. Through her passion for agriculture and entrepreneurial spirit, she has been able to generate a substantial sum of money and establish herself as a respected figure in the farming industry.

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