Meme of the Day: Lupita Nyongo’s Shocking Reaction To Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock At The Oscars!

Lupita Nyongo Oscars Meme: Lupita Nyongo response when she discovered how serious Will Smith was about slapping Chris Rock has since become a meme. People are claiming that Lupita Nyongo reaction was the most relatable to the viewers at home.

When Will Smith went on to the stage at the 2022 Oscars and slapped famed comedian Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife, it was the biggest debacle the world has ever seen. When that happened, the entire Oscar became silent.

The reactions of all of the celebs in attendance at Oscar were captured, but Lupita’s was the most memorable and observed by the public. Despite the fact that Chris escalated the case, the incident’s consequences are still unknown.

Lupita Nyongo Reaction To Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock, Lupita Nyongo Oscars Meme

Lupita’s reaction to Will smacking Chris Rock and warning him not to use his wife’s name was the most noticeable, and it has since become a meme. Lupita was taken aback and was trying to make sense of what was going on.

Will began shouting at the comic when he returned to his seat after smacking him. Lupita’s reaction to the incident was evident because she was sitting next to Will. Her amusement at Chris’s jest turned to surprise.

People are making memes out of her video, claiming that her expression was the same as theirs at home. Lupita was in close proximity to Will, so she overheard Will’s vulgarity directed at the comedian, which must have been terrifying to her.

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Will’s wife, Jade, was mocked by Chris for not having hair. Will laughed at the joke at first, but when he witnessed his wife’s outraged reaction, he decided to hit Chris. People are wondering what Will was attempting to prove with his actions.

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