Who was Melissa Caddick? Is she found? Aged 50, Family and Wikipedia

Melissa Louise Caddick was an unlicensed financial advisor in Australia who disappeared on November 12, 2020, while the Australian Securities and Investments Commission was investigating her for allegedly running a Ponzi scheme.

Melissa Caddick, is she still alive? As the circumstances of her kid and husband are disclosed, an incredible theory resurfaces.

As the mystery surrounding Melissa Caddick’s disappearance is reignited by a new television miniseries, a leading criminologist has refused to rule out the chance that she is still alive. Because Caddick vanished and just her foot was found, it’s hard to determine if she died, according to Dr. Xanthe Mallett, but she anticipates a coronial inquest will disclose more.

Caddick, 49, went missing on November 13, 2020, just one day after the Australian Securities and Investment Commission raided her $6.2 million Dover Heights home in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, where her hairdresser husband and her son currently reside.

She was charged with running a Ponzi scheme in which she allegedly took up to $23 million from her investors. She allegedly used the money to fund a luxury lifestyle that included overseas travel, sports cars, designer fashion labels, and jewelry, according to ASIC and police.

Not Pronounced Dead

Caddick has not been officially pronounced dead, but detectives believe she is no longer alive. Last May, detectives submitted a report of suspected death’ form to the Coroner. However, the possibility that she is still alive persists, and she was a pivotal character in the final episode of Underbelly Vanishing Act, which aired on Monday.

‘It’s possible [she’s alive], at the extreme end of what’s possible, in that what’s been recovered is afoot and medically you can survive without a foot,’ Dr. Mallett told Daily Mail Australia. ‘It wouldn’t be impossible to disappear when you have that much money. ‘As an investigator, I couldn’t rule it out. But what’s possible and likely are two very different things.’

Caddick’s story was the subject of a two-part TV series on Nine, which drew 745,000 viewers over two nights. The show speculated on numerous possibilities, including that she had her foot amputated and then sailed off into the sunset aboard a yacht. The enticing possibility that Caddick could have gotten away with her misdeeds has piqued viewers’ interest.

Melissa Caddick Age, Family, and Early Life

Melissa Caddick was born Melissa Louise Grimley on April 21, 1971, in Lugarno, a suburb of Sydney, Australia. She is 50 years old as of 2022. Melissa went missing on 12th November 2020 and has not been found yet.

melissa caddick family

The details of the parents of hers aren’t made public yet.

Melissa Caddick Net Worth, How much does she earn?

Melissa’s net worth is not made available to the general public yet.

Caddick,, went missing on November 13, 2020, just one day after the Australian Securities and Investment Commission raided her $6.2 million Dover Heights home in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, where her hairdresser husband and her son currently reside.

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She was charged with running a Ponzi scheme in which she allegedly took up to $23 million from her investors.

Melissa Caddick Career, What was her profession?

Caddick worked as an office administrator for a boutique investment bank in Sydney after working for the NRMA’s investment division. She was determined to have stolen less than $2,000 from the company by forging her boss’s signature on several cheques six months after starting the job in 1998. Instead of prosecuting Caddick, the company allowed him to leave the office without the police being called or the money being returned.

Caddick was hired as a financial advisor for Wise Financial Services, a subsidiary of ING, shortly after, and eventually bought a 25% interest in the company after borrowing $750,000.

She was so well-known in her area by 2003 that she was featured on the cover of the trade magazine IFA (Independent Financial Advisor). Caddick, on the other hand, had a falling out with Wise after the company refused to let her recommend property and stocks to her clients due to compliance regulations.

Caddick would go on to become an excessive spender in later years, causing mistrust among her friends. When asked how she could afford such a lifestyle, she created a variety of stories about a windfall payout she had gotten from Wise. Caddick claimed to have received a $86 million severance payment or a similar big settlement from a sexual harassment claim, among other things.

In truth, the only money she got when she parted ways with Wise was a refund of her $750,000 investment after signing a five-year non-compete clause.

Melissa Caddick Husband, Her Relationship, What about Children?

Tony Caddick, Caddick’s first husband, was a builder’s laborer from England. On April 20, 2000, they married at the Garrison Church in Millers Point, Sydney. Caddick’s kid, born in 2006, was 14 years old when he died in 2020. Tony, who had studied political science in England, completed his law degree and was admitted as a solicitor at his wife’s insistence. In 2010, the family relocated to Essex to be closer to Tony’s family as he commuted to work in London on a daily basis.

melissa caddick husband

 Caddick did not work in England and rapidly became dissatisfied with her surroundings. She persuaded her spouse to allow her to fly to Switzerland for a conference by claiming she wanted to brush up on her financial skills. Tony then learned through a mutual friend that Caddick had traveled to Paris to meet with Anthony Koletti, her Sydney hairdresser, and that she had paid for his foreign travel expenses in order to continue their romance. Caddick wiped out their property in Essex, closed their joint bank accounts, and fled back to Sydney with their kid in January 2012 after being confronted by Tony.

She falsely stated to family and friends upon her return to Australia that Tony had been a controlling and violent spouse. Caddick married Koletti later that year after the couple split in 2013.

Where she attended her High school and University?

She enrolled in and graduated from Caetano de Campos School in 1937. In 1938, she released Pores e Sobrados (Grounds and Townhouses), a collection of short stories, with revenues from her father.

Fagundes earned her bachelor’s degrees in pre-law and physical education from the University of So Paulo in 1939. (USP). She entered USP Law School (Portuguese: Faculdade de Direito do Largo de S. Francisco) in 1941 as one of just six women in a class of over one hundred men.

 Caddick enrolled in a secretarial and business administration programme at Patrick’s College Australia in Sydney after graduating from high school.

Is she available on any kind of social platforms?

Melissa Caddick had been missing for over a year now. There are no traces of her on any social sites such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook at the moment.

Body Appearance of Melissa Caddick’s Height, Weight

HeightN / A
Hair colorBrunette
Eye colorBrown
WeightN / A
Body typeFit
 Sexual orientationStraight

Interesting facts about Melissa Caddick’s which  you should be known

Relationship status Married
Children 1

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