Art Therapist, Jane Gross, dies at 75

Jane Gross was an art therapist, artist, and clinical social worker in private practice.

Sportswriter Jane Gross, who opened locker room doors, passes away at the age of 75

Jane Gross occurred in the same Riverdale nursing facility where her mother died, which was caused by a traumatic brain injury caused by a series of falls, according to Michael Gross, her brother, and the sole immediate survivor.

Gross has over 30 years of expertise as an emotional healing facilitator via psychotherapy, guided imagery, and expressive painting. In and around Connecticut, Jane provides “Painting from the Heart” classes and professional training.

Ms. Gross began covering professional basketball for the Long Island newspaper Newsday in 1975, at a time when sports clubs were hesitant to offer their clubhouses and locker rooms to female journalists. Most athletes saw women asking them questions at their lockers as an intrusion into their private lives.

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Female reporters had to wait in corridors for teams to bring them players to interview, despite the fact that male media were welcomed.

Early Life

Jane Gross was 75 years old at the time of her demise. She belongs to the white race. She belongs to the white ethnic group.

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