Missing of Jabez Spann, Cause of Death, Is he Found? Wiki, Age, Parents, Family, Bio

The murder details of Sarasota teen Jabez Spann’s death have already passed nearly four years since no arrest has been made. Read the following for the case updates.

Jabez Spann was a teenager aged 14 years who went missing on labor day that took place on 4 September 2017. The police found his remains after only one and half months on side of a Manatee County road.

It is not clear about his death. As per ABC National News, sources report that  Jabez might be witnessed the murder before his disappearance. The intense investigation is also going on still to the present day. 

His mother is always hoping that her beloved son will get justice. Jabez’s mother, Tawana Spann has launched the podcast on missing children. Although her son’s death is still under investigation, Spann is using her heartfelt tragedy as a source of inspiration to aid the family suffering of their lost kids.

Jabez Spann Murder Explored as of 2022

Jabez Spann was reported to be missing on the fateful day that happened on Labor Day that fell on 4 September 2021.

After nearly one and half years of investigation, police found his remains on the side of Manatee Country Road.

When his parents heard about the remains of the body which is identified as the 14-year-old Jabez Spann, they were heartbroken.  Who was the culprit? The question has yet to get an answer.

No arrest charges have been made and police are searching every year for the clue. As of now, Jabez’s parents have already lived their life with their beloved son. However, it is pretty clear that his parents are utterly scattered inside.

Teen Jabez Spann Death Remains A Mystery 

The mysterious case of teenager Jabez Spann has not been solved as of now. It is close to four years now since his murder.

In early 2019, the Manatee County Sheriff and Sarasota Police got a call from the man working in the fence who found the remains in the rural part of the Manatee County.

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After some time, the police officer sends the sample to the Bureau of the office for the autopsy.

The police officer confirmed the dead body to be none other than Jabez Spann, a 14-year teenager who was missing in 2017.

Did the Murderer Got Arrested as of 2022?

As of January 2022, it is not clear who murdered Jabez Spann. No one has been booked and taken into custody to date. 

The case remains open and has not been solved. Robinson who is looking after the murder investigation said that the case remains an active and ongoing investigation.

On the other hand, the murdered Jabez Spann mother said that numerous kids who went missing for many years won’t get much focus which also involves people of color.

She has given a good example of the child whose name; Gabby Petito. Thanks to the help of social media sites, her missing case was finally got solved. 

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