Guilherme Messias da Silva, 21, was shot and Killed in a Gang Shootout

Delivery driver, Guilherme Messias da Silva, 21, was killed in a suspected drive-by gang shooting in London just minutes before his shift was set to end, according to his coworkers today. Guilherme Messias Da Silva was killed in the attack in Brixton, south London, last night, according to friends of the Deliveroo driver. He was delivering his last takeaway of the evening.

According to the police, Guilherme was killed after being run over while riding his bicycle. The car is thought to have been involved in a chase with another car as part of a gangland conflict.

According to reports, a man left the scene after the collision while being pursued by a gunman in the second car.

The pursuer, who was believed to be a local drill rapper in his 20s, savagely shot and killed the fleeing man before driving off in his car. Police are currently looking for the shooter, who is still at large.

Friends of Guilherme Messias Da Silva claim that Wednesday night’s shooting in Brixton, south London, occurred as the scooter rider was delivering his final takeout of the evening.


Today, condolences have been given to Guilherme, who is thought to have migrated from his homeland of Petrolina de Goias, close to the Brazilian capital Brasilia, and is thought to have spent the previous two years living in the UK.

Paulo Silva, a 42-year-old fellow driver, called him a “nice lad” and “young” and said he had been planning to return to Brazil in December.

He said: ‘He was a very nice guy. It is so sad. He had planned to return to Brazil soon but it will not happen now.’

Another one of his colleagues from Deliveroo, who did not want to be named, also said he was a ‘very good guy who had become an innocent victim’.

guilherme messias da silva

A tribute to Guilherme posted on social media in Portuguese by a close friend said: ‘Yet another asphalt warrior, humble boy, he lost his life working during a gunfight between gangs in Brixton, he was fatally hit by the thieves’ car.

‘This first-world country that many outsiders see is not just a bed of roses. This here is a daily struggle away from the family, exposed to daily dangers. God comfort the family and friends. God welcomes you with open arms boy.’

No Arrests have been Made

Residents claim that during the horrifying occurrence on Railton Road at around 7.50 p.m., at least 12 rounds were fired. The victims’ identities have not yet been disclosed by the Met Police, and no arrests have been made.

The shooting occurred during yet another weekend of obscenely violent guns and knives used in “Wild West” London.

A 32-year-old man was slain in a knife assault on Saturday at Waterloo Station, while a man was stabbed to death in Wembley earlier on Sunday.

The deadly shootings also occur just a few days after two men were brutally shot to death in Ilford, east London, on Tuesday. No suspects have been apprehended at this time. Serious injuries were also sustained by a third man.

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Just before 8 o’clock, police were called after reports of gunshots being heard on Railton Road in Brixton, south London. Firearms experts from the Metropolitan Police and the London Ambulance Service flocked to the scene.

It was believed that Guilherme, who was from Petrolina de Goias, a small town close to the Brazilian capital Brasilia, passed away from his wounds after being struck by one of the automobiles that swerved out of control during the shooting.

Police have not connected any of the events, and in three of the four incidents, no arrests have been made.

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