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Gerald Cotten died mysteriously with a large sum of money in his bank account, leaving everything to his wife. At the time of his death, he was a wealthy man.

Quadriga Fintech Solutions was founded and led by Gerald Cotten.

He founded the company in order to take advantage of the revolutionary transformation in the crypto market that was about to occur.

Gerald, on the other hand, had a bleak future ahead of him, as he died mysteriously.

Many people also believe Gerald’s death was pre-planned and that he is keeping the money from the rest of the world.

In February 2022, a new Netflix documentary will be broadcast that will give further details regarding the incident.

Netflix true-crime documentary dives into cryptic death of crypto millionaire Gerald Cotten

A weird story from the world of Bitcoin is the subject of a new Netflix true-crime documentary.

‘Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King,’ a Netflix original film, tells the story of Gerald Cotten, the founder, and CEO of Canadian crypto exchange QuadrigaCX, who died abruptly in 2018.

According to a Netflix tweet advertising the film, the film follows a group of Quadriga investors turned sleuths who investigate Cotten’s strange death and the millions of missing cryptocurrencies they suspect Cotten stole from them.

Cotten held sole responsibility for the passwords needed to access his customers’ Bitcoin caches, which totaled around $190 million in value. The crypto millionaire then died unexpectedly in India three years ago from Crohn’s illness complications. Cotten neglected to pass on the passwords to the accounts, and in 2019, when investigators found down Cotten’s digital wallets, all the money was gone. Customers have since battled to regain access to their money, alleging withdrawal problems and lack of communication from the company.

Some in the crypto community speculated that the CEO faked his death and stole his clients’ money as a result of the circumstances. Official investigations into the matter have yielded no conclusive results. A first peek at the Netflix documentary shows graphics that imply the investors will go deeper into these mysteries.

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Last week, the streaming service unveiled the feature amid a lineup of new true-crime films. From ‘Tiger King’ to ‘Making a Murderer,’ Netflix has seen a surge in true-crime docuseries. As of 2020, it had surpassed the pack of other streaming behemoths by creating the most true-crime projects.

In 2022, ‘Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King’ will be released.

Gerald Cotten Age, Date of Birth, Birthday, Family, what about his father, mother, where is he from? Early Life.

He was born in 1988 in Toronto, Canada. Currently, he is 33 years old. However, the actual date of birth has not been revealed. He holds Canadian nationality.

Gerald’s family used to live in Belleville, Canada, which is close to Montreal.

gerald cotten earlylife

Gerald established QuadrigaCX after his parents had an antique store.

Gerald’s organization is thought to be the largest bitcoin exchange in Canada.

Gerald Cotten Net worth, how much did he earn?

Gerald Cotten had an estimated net worth of $80 million at the time of his death. He was one of the wealthiest people in the crypto world, and his company was at its pinnacle.

However, it was eventually discovered that Gerald had transferred all of his belongings to his wife before his death.

Gerald Cotten was technically insolvent at the time of his death because there was nothing in his name.

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He was, nonetheless, a wealthy man with a great deal of fortune.

And, if the rumors about Gerald taking all of his customers’ money are true, he now has about $250 million in his possession.

Despite the fact that conspiracy theories are just that, and there is no proof to back them up, people are still blaming and supporting them.

Gerald Cotten Boyfriend, his Relationship, What about Children?

Jennifer Robertson, Gerald Cotten’s wife, was his life partner.

When Cotten died, Jennifer and Cotten tied the knot a little earlier.

gerald cotten wife

On their honeymoon in India, they intended to visit Robertson and Gerald Cotten House in Jaipur.

However, the couple never arrived at the house, and the honeymoon did not go as planned.

Cotten had no children because he and his wife Jennifer were still on their honeymoon when he died.

Gerald Cotten Career

Gerald Cotten grew up in Belleville, Ontario, before attending York University’s Schulich School of Business in Toronto. In 2010, he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from York University. In November 2013, he started Quadriga with Michael Patryn in Vancouver, British Columbia, after learning about bitcoin in Toronto.

Quadriga began by only handling local trades. After the first month, they started their online exchange. The second Bitcoin ATM was deployed in Vancouver in January 2014. Quadriga only transacted C$7.4 million worth of bitcoin in 2014.

Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE)

Working with Patryn, the company attempted to raise funds and list on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE). The company raised C$850,000 but decided not to list on the exchange in the first quarter of 2016. Quadriga had four workers in 2015, with offices in Vancouver and Toronto, but by June of that year, the company had run out of cash.

When all of Quadriga’s other directors left in 2016, Cotten became the company’s lone director. It had no employees, offices, or bank accounts after then, except for a few contractors.

Bitcoin witnessed a speculative frenzy in 2017, with its price jumping from US$1,000 to nearly US$20,000. On Quadriga, about C$1.2 billion in bitcoin was exchanged. While the substantial rise in volume enhanced commissions, it also generated cash-flow issues due to the exchange’s reliance on third-party payment processors and lack of an adequate accounting system. Quadriga revealed in June 2017 that they had lost $14 million in Ethereum owing to a smart contract issue.

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Customers of the exchange noticed delays when trying to withdraw cash as Bitcoin values fell during 2018. The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) frozen C$28 million held by Costodian, a Quadriga payment processor, in January 2018. CIBC reported that they were unable to determine who owned the money and that they were unable to contact Cotten or Quadriga.

The case was settled in November 2018, with the accounts being sent to court for individual ownership determination. Neither Costodian nor Quadriga was able to get their hands on the monies.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has implicated Michael Gastauer

Quadriga also used WB21 as a payment processor, according to court documents. The US Securities and Exchange Commission has implicated Michael Gastauer, the CEO of WB21, in a civil case as part of a US$165 million fraud. Crypto Capital, another Quadriga payment processor, as mentioned in a civil claim filed by the New York Attorney General in April 2019. According to the lawsuit, $851 million committed to Crypto Capital was “lost, stolen, or absconded with.”

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Customers were able to withdraw money through a unique teller-window arrangement at Quadriga. Customers were directed to pick up the money at a nondescript location in Laval, Quebec, rather than having it sent to them through bank wire. The Customers stated that there was no one in the office when they came, or that there was no cash to be disbursed.

Quadriga did not have a bank account, according to Ernst & Young, and instead relied on third-party payment processors. It didn’t appear to have a formal accounting system. Cotten’s encrypted laptop was used to administer the firm from his residence in Fall River, Nova Scotia.

Gerald Cotten Death Cause, How Did He Die?

Gerald Cotten died on December 9th, 2018, as a result of Crohn’s disease complications.

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Geral was on his honeymoon with his newlywed wife Gerald, and they were both overjoyed with their union.

However, following Gerald’s death, Jennifer had to endure a heartbreaking heartbreak while still pursuing the investigation trail.

Gerald was the only one who had access to QuadrigaCX’s cold storage and held the private keys and passwords.

The storage facility had about $140 million in cryptocurrency, mostly Bitcoin.

However, following his death, the firm was forced to shut down, leaving over 76,000 members out of pocket for approximately $215 million in cash and cryptocurrency.

Many people believe he is still alive, and his death remains a mystery.

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Gerald is the subject of several conspiracy theories, and it is also widely regarded as the world’s largest cryptocurrency loss.

Where he attended his High school and University? What was hi major?

He has completed his school in High school, Toronto. Later he started college at Schulich School of Business, York University. He completed his graduation with Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.

Gerald Cotten Social Media Reach

Unfortunately, we cannot trace his social media account. It seems that he was not on any social media platform. He was not interested in using social media platforms.

Gerald Cotten’s Body Appearance Height, Weight

HeightIn Feet: 5 Feet 9 Inch
Meter: 1.76 m
Centimeter: 176 cm
WeightIn KG: 73kg In Pound: 160lbs
HairDark Brown
Eye ColorBrown
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

Interesting facts about Gerald Cotten’s which you should know

EthnicityWhite Caucasian Descent
Zodiac SignN / A
Net Worth$80 million
Single/ In a relationshipMarried
Current Girlfriend/ SpouseJennifer Robertson

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