Who is Escaped Pole prisoner, Kyle Darren Eglington still missing, Is he Found?

Kyle Darren Eglington search is still ongoing, and inquiries have indicated that he may have been in Bournemouth’s West Howe region in the early hours of Sunday, March 27.

Kyle Darren Eglington assaulted the security officers inside the van before fleeing to Poole’s Hardy Road. Officers are currently on the lookout for the prisoner who has gone missing.

Is Kyle Darren Eglington being held in custody? Who Is Fleed, the Missing Prisoner?

After being charged with a robbery in Bournemouth, Eglington was detained.

Eglington allegedly assaulted the security personnel and fled the jail vehicle wearing only his underwear and socks, according to sources. The cops are on the lookout, but there’s no word on whether he’s been apprehended yet.

How old is Kyle Darren Eglington? Age, Height

Kyle Darren Eglington is a thirty-year-old man (30 Years old). According to the police statement, Eglington is of white origin, stands 5ft 11in tall, has a medium frame, and has dark brown hair and a beard. On Saturday, he escaped from the jail transport truck in Poole’s Hardy Road.

Body Appearance of Kyle Darren Eglington’s, Birth Mark, Height

He was simply wearing underpants and socks. Police have published a new depiction of how he might appear presently. Officers searched the area with the help of the NPAS helicopter and the British Transport Police. He may have been in the West Howe area in the early hours of Sunday, according to inquiries.

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He was described as a white man with dark brown hair and a goatee, about five feet eleven inches tall and of medium frame.

He has the name ‘Natalie’ tattooed on the left side of his neck and a birthmark under his right eye.

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