Corey Wieneke Dateline and Murder, What Happened To him? Murder Update

In 1992, Corey Wieneke, a 22-year-old young man, was discovered lifeless in his room. Despite the fact that police were certain he was murdered, they didn’t find out until 2017.

Corey Wieneke was murdered 25 years ago, and his killer was sentenced to life in prison. The cold case was finally solved, and the victim and his family finally got the justice they deserved.

What Happened to Corey Wieneke and How Did He Die? Who was responsible for his death?

At the age of 22, Corey Wieneke could only be described as a larger-than-life figure who attempted to use his celebrity in the small Iowa town of West Liberty for good. He was “like a big brother to everyone in the area,” combining his relationship with fiancée Jody Hotz and his job as a bartender at his family’s Wink’s Bar & Grill. That’s why, on October 13, 1992, the former high school football star was discovered dead in his own house, shocking his adoring community as well as the entire nation.

Jody was the one who hastily dialed 911 after arriving home from work on that fateful Tuesday, informing authorities that Cory “is all bleeding, and he isn’t breathing, and he is cold.” The teen was meant to be in the pub, but instead, he was lying on the floor of the couple’s shared bedroom, dead from blunt force trauma. It was subsequently discovered that he had been bludgeoned to death with an aluminum baseball bat, a likely premeditated act given that nothing was missing from his home.

Not only was Jody ruled out as a suspect in the early hours of the investigation, but the blood-stained murder weapon was also discovered on a lonely road about a mile from the crime scene. By recounting when they saw or didn’t see the bat, witnesses helped narrow down the time frame of the crime to between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. on that ominous day. Unfortunately, the weapon did not provide any more evidence, such as fingerprints, DNA, or the weapon’s alleged make and model, to assist the authorities in locating its true owner.

Annette Interrogation

Because of Annette’s alibi at the time of the crime, the lack of physical evidence linking her to it, and the clear fact that there were no other solid leads, the case quickly went cold. In fact, it wasn’t until more than 25 years later that the Division of Criminal Investigation reopened the case after receiving a new tip implicating Annette. Jessica Becker came out in December 2017 to say she saw the former light black candles before overhearing her apology for killing Corey at a sleepover when she was around nine years old.

Jessica was friends with Annette’s niece at the time, and the family lived together, so that’s how they met. As if that wasn’t enough, Annette’s tale changed during her interrogation, and a friend of her brother’s, Scott Payne, also came forward to accuse her. Around the time of the incident, he claimed he saw the then-29-year-old burn blood-stained garments.

With all of the foregoing information, Annette’s first trial in early 2019 ended in a hung jury, but her second trial in September 2019 resulted in her being found guilty of second-degree murder. In March 2022, the Iowa Supreme Court upheld her conviction and sentence of 50 years in prison with the possibility of parole after 35 years.

How old was Corey Wieneke?  Everything on his Family, Age, Birthday, Early Life.

Corey Wieneke was born on 25th May 1970. He was 22 years old when he was murdered in 1992. Corey was the son of James and Susan Wieneke.

corey wieneke family

He was of American nationality and white ethnicity. His Zodiac as per his date of birth was Gemini.

Explore Corey Wieneke Net worth, Updated!!

Michael J Wassmer’s estimated net worth is a modest $23.8 million.

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His career provides him with all of his worth. Michael Wassmer’s total income at Capital One is $5,618,230 as President of Capital One’s U.S. Card. Capital One has four executives with higher salaries, with Richard Fairbank receiving the most at $7,705,790.

Everything about Education

The details on the educational background of Corey Wieneke are yet to be disclosed, the high school he attended and the university he graduated from are all under review.

Who is Corey Wieneke’s wife? Children/Relationship.

Corey Wieneke was about to be married to his fiancé Jody Hotz. She was the one who dialed the police for reporting Corey’s condition.

What is Corey Wieneke Career? Profession.

Corey used to work as a bartender at his family’s Wink’s Bar & Grill.

What about his Social media?

The social media reach of Corey Wieneke Wassmer isn’t available.

Let’s Explore Corey Wieneke’s Height, Weight, Gender

HeightN / A
Hair colorBlonde
Sexual orientationStraight

Quick Information.

Zodiac signGemini
Relationship  statusDating

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