Who is BrentTV? Everything about his Age, Family, Real Name, Net Worth

BrentTV is an American Youtuber who does skits, sketch comedy, and memes. He is known for his videos where he tries to find perfect Spongebob popsicles and rare collectible items like Golden Creepers and rare Among Us Mini figures and playing arcade games.

He also uploads other videos like arcade videos, food challenges, fan mail, comedy films, giveaways, and shorts. BrentTV once hated Mr. Beast when he pulled a bad Spongebob Popsicle and called it perfect. He is well known for his weird mannerisms like randomly burping, beeping like a robot, or screaming for no reason in front of his videos.

What is BrentTV’s real name? About his Family

Though BrentTV has not revealed his real name, we can guess his first real name is Brent. His family background has been a topic of mystery among his fans.

brenttv family

He has not made his early life public. Maybe he has a reason behind hiding his personal identity. Maybe very soon he might be revealing his name and his family background soon.

Who is BrentTV dating?

It seems that BrentTV is not dating anyone. By the looks of it, we can assume that Brent is currently entirely focused on his online career as a content creator. He has not given his time and thoughts to being in a relationship or finding a girlfriend.

At just 22, he is right to focus more on his career now. He still has time left to think about his love life and being in a relationship. There is also another chance that Brent is in a relationship, but he has become secretive and did not reveal his girlfriend’s identity.

What is BrentTV’s Net Worth?

BrentTV’s net worth is estimated to be 12.95 USD. BrentTV’s youtube channel is one of the highest-earning channels in the world. He has a massive following on his channel.

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His youtube videos are viewed millions of times. His total view on his youtube channel is a huge 1.3Billion view. He earns thousands of dollars through his single video. He is one of the richest YouTubers all around the globe.

BrentTV on Internet

He has a massive fan following all over the internet. He has thousands and millions of followers on his channel and social media profiles. BrentTV has 2.85 Million subscribers on Youtube. He has 38K followers on his Instagram handle. He has 6 Million followers on his TikTok.

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