Who Is Shane Bazzi? Wins Appeal in Defamation Case Over Peter Dutton Tweet & Lawsuit

shane bazzi

Last year on February, a refugee advocate sued on Mr. Shane Bazzi on regarding the tweets he made, which accused him of being “a rape apologist”. Bazzi was ordered to pay $35000 due to damages made on Mr. Dutton’s and some of his legal fees as well. Bazzi’s six-word tweet was posted late at night … Read more

Irene Sunderland died due to a drug overdose at the age of 18

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Irene Sunderland, 18 years old came to the limelight due to her death because of a drug overdose. Her news is a headline on every social media. Also, learn detailed information about Irene Sunderland regarding her Age, Early Life, Net Worth, and qualification. Who was Irene Sunderland? died due to a drug overdose According to … Read more

How much is Bruce Falck Net worth? Explore his Salary, Wife and Wikipedia

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Bruce Falck is the company’s product revenue leader of Twitter. He was one of the experienced who manages revenue products for Twitter. He worked for the company for five years and was a dedicated employee. Why Was Bruce Falck Fired? Former Twitter Executive Salary and Net Worth Parag Agrawal is an Indian-American software engineer and … Read more

Who was Shahana and what was her cause of death? Dies at aged 20, Husband arrested

Shahana was a Kerala-based model and actress who died in strange circumstances. She was discovered hanging from a window railing at her home in Chevayur, Kozhikode, on Friday. Shahana, a Kerala model and actress, died in mysterious circumstances, and her family is concerned. In Kozhikode, an actress-turned-model was discovered dead in her flat. Shahana, daughter … Read more

Who Is Baba Falooda Owner Aslam Sarodia And Why Is He Arrested?

Aslam Sarodia is a Indian businessman and a owner of Baba Faloodais. Baba Falooda is the famous sweet shop of Mumbai, which is more than thirty five years old. Baba Faloodais has widespread service and online presence in Mumbai. Who Is Baba Falooda Owner Aslam Sarodia And Why Is He Arrested? Aslam Sarodia the owner … Read more

Who is Vadim Shishimarin? Russian soldier chrged for a war crime in ukrine, Aged 62, Family

vadim shishimarin

Vadim Shishimarin is a Russian soldier. He is a member of the elite 4th Guards Tank Division. The news of his capture is making headlines on the internet. Also, learn detailed information about Vadim Shishimarin regarding his Age, Early Life, Net Worth, and qualification. Russian soldier, Vadim Shishimarin captured by Ukrainian Vadim Shishimarin a Russian … Read more

Aged-2-years-old, Allie Birchall, died due to bacterial infection, Everything on Parents, Father, Mom

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Allie Birchall was 2 years old girl, who was suffering from a bacterial infection and dies. Also, learn detailed information about Allie Birchall regarding her Age, Early Life, Net Worth, and qualification. Allie Birchall died due to a bacterial infection According to the sources, Allie Birchall died on August 3 due to a bacterial infection … Read more

Aged-27-years, Shannon Stanley, died after being found with stab wounds

shannon stanley

Shannon Stanley, a beautiful young woman, and a sister were found with fatal injuries at a flat in Birmingham, UK. Heartbroken brother’s tribute to ‘beautiful’ sister, 27, & who was stabbed to death as man, 27, charged with murder According to the Police, Shannon Stanley was found stabbed to death at her flat in Small … Read more

What Happened With Tahnee Shanks Missing Case? Australian Mom Location Tracked As Baby Is Found

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Later it resulted from the success they all found that the missing Adelynn’s mother was Tahnee Shanks but she was missing and the case of finding her is under happening. Police are up to search and find her. Who Is Tahnee Shanks, Age, Family, Early life Tahnee Shanks is the mother of an abandoned child … Read more

Canadian comic writer & artist, Simon Roy, dies at 40’s

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Simon Roy was the Canadian comic book writer and artist. He is well-known Comic Book craftsman who represents considerable authority in comic books. Simon Roy Brain Cancer Stage And Health: Canadian Author Publishes “My End Of The World” Simon Roy, the Canadian illustrator has died. Just after the news of his death broke out, Twitter … Read more