Who is Paul Green Wife? Meet Amanda Green, Husband Death, Age and Family

amanda green

The late Australian rugby player and coach Paul Green’s wife is Amanda Green. Paul Green is most known for having coached the Queensland Maroons after the Cowboys won their first championship in 2015. What led to Paul Green, the husband of Amanda Green, passing away? The world was shocked by Coach Paul Green’s unexpected death. … Read more

Who is Danielle Brooks? Age, Family, Net Worth, Biography

danielle brooks

Actress and singer Danielle Brittany Brooks is from the United States. She is most recognized for her appearances as Leota Adebayo on the superhero series Peacemaker and Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson on the comedy-drama Orange Is the New Black. Danielle Brooks Age, Family, and Early Life Danielle Brooks is 32 years old. Brooks was raised in … Read more

Chrisean Desiree Montoya, 17, and Dami El Mmoreno Twitter Viral and Leaked Video

chrisean desiree montoya 2

Chrisean Desiree Montoya is a social media Influencer who has gained more than a million followers on Instagram. Dami El Moreno and Chrisean Desiree Montoya’s Trending Video Everyone on social media was stunned and surprised by a video that starred Dami El Moreno and Chrisean Desiree Montoya. This is a hot issue that is currently … Read more

Karen Swift, 44, was murdered by her husband, David Swift, Arrested

karen swift

Karen Swift was a woman from Tennessee who was murdered. Husband apprehended for the killing of wife in West Tennessee more than 10 years ago. According to the Dyer County Sheriff’s Office, a woman whose body was discovered after a Halloween party more than ten years ago has a husband who has been charged with … Read more

Dark Brandon Rising meme. What exactly does it mean? TikTok Explanation

dark brandon rising meme

Since the beginning of 2022, the Dark Brandon Rising meme has been circulating online. Online trending recently has been the new hashtag Dark Brandon Rising. Supporters provide a fresh image of Joe Biden, who last week mostly kept his promises. The Dark Brandon meme on the internet was born as a result of a list … Read more

Betty Harnum, ‘Little and mighty’ language enthusiast, dies at 73

betty harnum

Betty Harnum was a linguist and the project lead for CBC’s Indigenous languages project. ‘Little and mighty’ language enthusiast Betty Harnum passes away at age 73. As a passionate linguist, giving friend, and animal lover with a wild side, a woman is remembered for her efforts to revive the native language in the Northwest Territories. … Read more

What happened to Hollie Dance’s Son? Archie Battersbee, 12, Death cause Details

hollie dance

Hollie Dance is the mother of Archie Battersbee who was a 12 years old young boy who passed away recently due to serious injuries caused by an accident. Hollie Dance, Archie Battersbee’s mother, confirmed that the 12-year-old passed away. Archie Battersbee passed away on Saturday at 12:15 p.m., according to his mother Hollie Dance. Ms. … Read more

Multibillionaire American Entrepreneur, Robert Brockman, passed away at 81

robert brockman

A multibillionaire American businessman named Robert T. Brockman served as CEO of the Reynolds & Reynolds software company in Ohio. He was accused of orchestrating a $2 billion tax evasion scam in October 2020. Robert Brockman, a Tycoon charged in a $2 billion tax evasion case, dies at 81. Robert Brockman, a billionaire who was … Read more

Former NASCAR Driver, Neil Castles, dies at 88

neil castles

From 1957 until 1976, Neil “Soapy” Castles competed in the NASCAR Grand National and Winston Cup Series. Former NASCAR Cup Series driver and movie stuntman Neil Castles passes away at age 88. Neil Castles, a 1957–1976 NASCAR Cup Series driver who also worked as a stuntman and transportation coordinator in the motion picture industry, passed … Read more

Wife of Diamondback GM Mike Hazen, Nicole Hazen, 45, passed away

nicole hazen

Nicole Hazen is widely recognized for being the wife of Diamondbacks General Manager, Mike Hazen. Mike Hazen’s wife Nicole passes away at age 45 after a battle with cancer. After a protracted battle with cancer, Nicole Hazen, the wife of Arizona Diamondbacks general manager Mike Hazen, passed away on Thursday. She was 45. Nicole passed … Read more