Aubrey Marcus Family: Father, Mother and Wife

Aubrey Marcus, a resident of Austin, Texas, is a renowned American podcast host, fitness guru, CEO, entrepreneur, and author. His noteworthy achievement is the founding of Onnit, a wellness company that provides benefits to numerous top professional athletes worldwide. Marcus’ father, Michael Phillips, has been involved in commodities trading for approximately 50 years.

Aubrey Marcus’s Father, Michael Phillips Marcus began his career in Trading

In 1972, Aubrey Marcus’s father, Michael Phillips Marcus, began his career in trading. In less than two decades, he turned his initial investment of $30,000 into $80 million. His success began with purchasing plywood futures for his entire $7,000 funds, which soared in value after President Richard Nixon capped the pricing of numerous commodities that year.

His $7,000 investment also increased to $12,000 in value. In 1973, he turned $24,000 into $64,000, thanks to his expertise in financial regulations gained from his work as an analyst. He eventually became an EVP at Commodities Corporation. Through private placements, he invested in small, OTC Bulletin Board-listed companies such as Prospector Consolidated Resources, Encore Clean Energy Inc., and Pink Sheets Touchstone Resources.

Additionally, during its annual public meeting, Michael was elected to the board of directors of ViRexx Medical Corporation on May 25, 2006. The organization focuses on immunotherapy treatments for specific cancers, chronic hepatitis B and C, and tumor prolotherapy.

Michael graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a Phi Beta Kappa degree before embarking on his highly successful career in commodities and securities. He has been featured in several articles and books, including the best-selling “Market Wizards” by Jack Schwager.

Aubrey’s mother is a former top-ranked tennis player

Kathleen Marie Harter, also known as Aubrey’s mother, is renowned for her successful career as a top-ranked tennis player in the United States. She was first coached by Dick Skeen at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach, California. She ranked seventh in the United States in 1965, eighth in 1967, and fifth in 1968, and reached the Wimbledon semifinals in 1967 and the Australian Open quarterfinals in 1968.

Aubrey Marcus Mother

Unfortunately, chronic wrist problems kept her out of the game for an extended period in the early 1970s. She returned to the circuit full-time in 1975, mostly competing in qualifiers and challenges. In 1976, she was confronted by Renee Richards, one of the initial tour players, who she supported in her right to play on tour after losing to her. Harter was ranked as high as #5 in the United States in 1968 before her recurring wrist issues.

Aubrey Marcus is a married man

Aubrey Marcus is married to his wife, Vylana Marcus, and they have a family of their own. They got married in July 2020, and Vylana celebrated their first wedding anniversary by sharing a lovely picture of them dressed in matching outfits on social media.

Aubrey Marcus Marriage to his Wife Vylana Marcus

In the post, she expressed her gratitude and how fortunate she feels to have him in her life, with a heartfelt message.

Aubrey Marcus re-married his wife and their love story

In September 2022, Aubrey Marcus and Vylana Marcus got married for the second time. This time, it was a more soulful union compared to their first marriage, which was mostly based on their names.

The couple launched a podcast on August 5, 2020, where they talked about their first meeting, their friendship, and their eventual relationship and marriage. They initially met during the Burning Man festival, and despite knowing about Aubrey’s open relationship at the time, Vylana spent time with him and felt an intimate connection.

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After the festival, they remained friends as both were in relationships. However, Aubrey later confessed his feelings for her, but Vylana was hesitant due to his polyamorous lifestyle. He sent her a heartfelt letter, which she eventually shared, and it moved her.

Their bond grew stronger when they went for ketamine meditation together and realized they were meant to be together. Gradually, their lives began aligning, and they both knew they were ready to be together.

Aubrey Marcus’ wife is a sound alchemist

The sound alchemist mentioned is Vylana Marcus, who has dedicated her life to healing people through her art and as a medicine woman. She recently released her album “Goddess Rise” in 2022, featuring the singles “Phoenix” and “Out of Exile.”

In addition to her music, Vylana and her husband Aubrey also manage the Fit for Service Fellowship, a selective program that brings together some of the world’s best trainers and specialists.

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