Everything on Aleeza Ben Shalom Net worth as a Jewish Matchmaker

The Marriage-Minded Mentor Aleeza Ben Shalom has earned herself this title through her works such as Get Real, and Get Married is the book, which serve as a roadmap for overcoming obstacles and entering the chuppah. Shalom is an enthusiastic speaker in addition to providing private and group instruction. Aleeza may also be recognized because of her role in episode 5 of the well-known online series “Soon By You.”

Aleeza Ben Shalom’s Early Life

Aleeza Ben Shalom was born and raised in Philadelphia, where from a young age she developed keen interests in Jewish studies, children’s literature, and environmental studies.

Aleeza Ben Shalom Family
Pic: Aleeza Ben Shalom Family (Source: Aleeza’s Instagram)

Ben Shalom pursued her passion for these topics at the University of Pittsburgh, where she earned a Certificate in Jewish Studies and Children’s Literature. This program allowed her to gain an in-depth understanding of Jewish tradition, culture, and values.

Later, she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at the university. This built upon her certificate studies, enabling Ben Shalom to further explore Jewish studies while also developing her knowledge of environmental studies and children’s literature.

Early and Professional Career

Originally from Philadelphia, Aleeza Ben Shalom grew up in a relatively secular Jewish household. As a teenager, she attended summer camps and tours in Israel, which connected her more deeply to her Jewish roots. During college at the University of Pittsburgh, she served as president of the Jewish campus organization Hillel.

After college, Ben Shalom felt drawn to incorporate more traditional religious observance and spirituality into her daily life. As she describes, “I grew up Jew-ish. I was Jewish, I was born Jewish and I was raised with Judaism and a connection to it, but I wasn’t living my Judaism.” Through intensive study, she came to embrace Orthodox Judaism, keeping Shabbat, keeping kosher, and dressing modestly. Ben Shalom considers herself an “accidental Orthodox” who was on a journey to finding herself within her Jewish faith.

Ben Shalom always had a strong desire to marry and start a family. At 25, she met her now husband at a Jewish retreat. He had also newly adopted Orthodox Judaism. She recalls, “He just kind of looked at me and I was like, ‘Well, are we going to go out?’” After a whirlwind courtship consulting with a rabbi, they quickly married and relocated to Israel, where they raised five children together.

While enjoying motherhood, Ben Shalom yearned for more adult interaction. A friend suggested she try matchmaking, and it proved a perfect fit. She found all her skills came together – matchmaking, coaching, mentoring, and being a supportive confidante. As she describes, “I wasn’t just matchmaking. I was coaching, I was supporting, I was their everything. I was their best friend who happened to be a matchmaker and started guiding them through the process.” This launched her career guiding singles through the dating process.

Ben Shalom built up her reputation as a matchmaker and expanded her services to include relationship coaching. She leveraged online matchmaking and grew an avid following, with people trusting her guidance. Today she is hailed as the “Jewish dating guru,” a global leader in Jewish matchmaking, and a sought-after expert on relationships. She also founded a popular podcast for Jewish young adults called The Yentas.

Aleeza Ben Shalom Net worth Explore

With over a decade of experience as a professional matchmaker, Aleeza Ben Shalom has amassed an estimated net worth of $5 million. She founded her own matchmaking company, Marriage Minded Mentor, in 2012 and now works with an elite clientele of prosperous Jewish professionals.

Ben Shalom’s base matchmaking service starts at $1,000 per potential match, but packages can range from $15,000 up to $50,000 depending on a client’s particular criteria. She also earns a commission for successful matches, incentivizing her to find quality pairings.

Aleeza Ben Shalom Net worth
Pic: Aleeza Ben Shalom Net worth (Source: Aleeza’s Instagram)

On top of matchmaking revenue, Ben Shalom profits from various courses and training programs. These include a $997 Soulmate Clarity package, a $37 History Report, and a $97 Dating Detox program. She also founded Dater’s Academy, an online school for matchmaking.

Ben Shalom has leveraged her industry expertise by training over 150 matchmakers globally. She charges an initial $1,997 plus $400 a month for ongoing instruction. This provides another significant revenue stream.

With income from matchmaking services, training programs, commissions, and educational products, Ben Shalom has built a thriving business. Her books, podcast, and other media activities further grow her brand and net worth.

Aleeza Ben Shalom’s Diverse Income Sources

Leveraging Books to Grow Brand and Net Worth

As an author, Aleeza Ben Shalom earns income through sales of her published books on dating and relationships. In 2013, she released her first book “Get Real, Get Married,” which sold for $18 in hardcover and $7.99 as a paperback. Her second book, “Visual Dating,” came out in 2020.

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While the average author may make around $19 per hour, Ben Shalom likely earns far more given her prominence in the relationship advice space. Her books also help grow her brand and credibility as a dating expert.

Capitalizing on Media Appearances

Ben Shalom has monetized her fame by appearing on television shows and podcasts. Most notably, she hosted the Netflix dating series “Jewish Matchmaking,” where hosts can make an average annual salary of over $100,000. As a well-known personality, Netflix likely paid Ben Shalom additional compensation for her starring role driving viewership. Media offers her a major platform to connect with clients.

Driving Revenue Through Matchmaking Business

Ben Shalom’s core business remains her matchmaking company, Marriage Minded Mentor, founded in 2012. Here she earns income through matchmaking services starting at $1,000 per match, with packages ranging from $15,000 to $50,000 based on custom criteria.

Aleeza Ben Shalom Match Maker
Pic: Aleeza Ben Shalom Matchmaker (Source: Aleeza’s Instagram)

She also profits by training other matchmakers for fees of $1,997 upfront and $400 monthly. Benefiting from an 80% success rate, clients pay top dollar for her rare ability to deliver results.

Offering Courses and Programs to Widen Profit Centers

To diversify revenue, Ben Shalom sells an array of online courses on topics like dating detox, relationship history, and connection. These programs are priced from $37 to $194. She also founded Dater’s Academy, a school for matchmakers looking to enter the industry. With matchmaking, training, courses, books, and media, Ben Shalom has built a mini-empire around relationships.

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