AKSU Student S*x Video, Watch here, Trending on Twitter

A viral video of an alleged second-year Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU) student has gone viral.

The personal video has subsequently gone viral on the internet. The female student was allegedly blackmailed by her partner’s male buddy, according to online accounts.


After both partners broke up, the male friend allegedly released the footage. The actors in the viral video gave their permission to be videotaped.

The male student calmly waits, kneeling with four arms on a bed spread with white sheets, while the guy places the recording device, believed to be a cell phone, on a surface.

Who is AKSU Students? AL Gold Video

According to Dee Baybie, AL Gold had hooked up with a guy (the guy who had s*x with her) and the guy recorded their ‘f*cking moment.’ In the footage, she looks to be aware of the situation.

The unidentified man videotaped the incident and shared it with a friend, who then leaked the footage because he and the man in the s*x tape were no longer friends.

What Happened in a Video?

The viral video, which was posted on Twitter by @Favouritecoco, was alleged to be uploaded by the girl’s boyfriend after their breakup, which might be interpreted as retribution by the girl’s ex boyfriend.

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In the viral video, the Aksu female student and her hookup buddy were seen having doggy s*x.

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