9-year-old boy, Abdul Razack Tarawaley, was killed after getting stuck in garage door

The last time a grieving father saw his “sweet” and “eloquent” nine-year-old son alive, Abdul Razack Tarawaley was when he went outside to play with friends for just 30 minutes. The boy was trapped in a garage door and died on Saturday night.

After dinner on Saturday, Abdul Razack Tarawaley and two other boys were at their Altona North apartment complex when tragedy struck, according to his father, who goes by the same name.

The man recalled explaining to his son, Razack, that they had just returned from a long day in the city and that he could not go outside to play.

“He said, ‘No, Dad, you know I go to school from Monday to Friday, and I have to play on weekends. Can you please give me a chance to play with my friends?’,” Tarawaley said.

“I said, ‘OK, just for 30 minutes.’ But now 30 minutes is forever.”

It is believed that at the time of the incident, the kids were climbing up the door’s exterior.

Tarawaley discovered Razack and one of his friends trapped above the garage door when he went downstairs to check on his son.

“I tried to pull down the gate, but I couldn’t because it was too big and too heavy,” Tarawaley said.

“The other boy was shouting, ‘Help me God, help me God!’ I checked my son’s head and I checked his fingers – it was all cold.”

As a “beautiful (young) man),” Tarawaley’s son was academically gifted and had a strong desire to become a doctor. He frequently brought home awards from school.

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The fourth-grader enjoyed soccer and was well-liked in his apartment building, where “everyone knew him,” according to his father, who spoke to Nine News.

“He was so cute and so sweet … I miss him so much,” Tarawaley said. “He was very eloquent and talked to anyone he met at any given time.”

The 12-year-old Keilor Downs child who was also hurt is still in a serious but stable state, according to the Royal Children’s Hospital, and has upper body injuries.

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The nine-year-old was an only child who would be ten in just two weeks.

“God gives and God takes away. So we just have to accept how it is for now because God knows best and we can’t question him,” the grieving father said.

Although it is unclear how the kids got stuck in the door, according to the police, the event is not being looked into further.

Abdul Razack Tarawaley’s information.

Abdul Razack Tarawaley was a student. He was only 9 years old. He was a loved son to Mr. Tarawaley. His father has described him as a young sweet boy who used to get along with everyone and loved to play soccer. He was a bright student and often bought achievements home from school. He was a 4th grader.

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