18 years old, Sophie George, Brighton woman planned to torture & kill Ex

Sophie George, (age 18 years old) then, assembled a sick murder kit containing bleach, duct tape, forensic clothing, bin liners, and lighter fuel before planning to meet her victim in 2019.

Sophie George also made detailed “to-do lists” outlining how she planned to “drive to grave site,” torture, and “murder and bury” her victim.

When she was arrested, Sussex Police stated she had bleach, duct tape, and a Stanley knife on her person.

George admitted to attempting to murder someone and having an offensive weapon in a public place.

George bit her former boyfriend’s finger down to the bone as he made a 999 call.

At Lewes Crown Court, the 20-year-old from Brighton was sentenced to 13 years and six months in prison.

Sophie George was “consumed with vengeance” when she packed bleach, duct tape, forensic gear, bin liners, and lighter fuel into bags before meeting Adam Yioses outside her Brighton home in October 2019.

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She had written comprehensive plans in the lead up to her evil scheme, including ‘drive to grave site, torture, and murder and bury him.’

sophie george family

George, who was 18 at the time, tried to persuade Mr Yioses to drive to Wild Park, but she attacked him with a long serrated knife and slashed his hand as he fought back.

Cops also uncovered an application to change her name as well as passport application documents.

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